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When i thought it couldnt get any worse…

So basically this week sucks. Earlier this week, i got my bike impounded, leaving me to walk and bus in the rain for the first 2 days. I initially couldnt contact the CSOs who took the bikes because the number on the site didnt work so the next day i finally found their real number online. I then found out that their office was like super far away and so i procrastinated until today to walk all the way there to get my bike. After school, i walked like 2 miles to get to this ghetto ass building and the only reason i wasnt bored outta my mind was cause i had my ipod with me. When i got to the office, i had to pay 30 bucks to get my freaking bike back and i just signed some stuff and left. I was so happy that i could not think of anything else and when i finally biked all the way back to my dorm (which is like 2 miles away from that CSO office) i realized that i didnt have my ipod with me. shit. So i ended biking back all the way to that shitty office and to look for my ipod. Apparently the person who i was just talking with 10 minutes ago didnt see my ipod even though i put the ipod on her desk to sign the dam papers. I asked all around and noone said they saw anything. However there were these 2 guys who were trying to get their bikes back from the impound were standing in the office and they looked really freaking shady. i swear one of them took my ipod. Eventually i gave up and i retraced my steps back all the way back to my dorm hoping to find my precious ipod but of COURSE it wasnt there. So now i have my bike back but im ipodless. PLUS i did crappy on my midterms. what the hell…?



i should be studying…

God, midterms already… I have my econ 2 tomorrow and geog 3a on friday but i havent even started studying for either of them. So this past week wasnt the best…First of all i got my bike impounded by the freaking CSOs. I was only gone for 50 mins and then when i went back outside my bike was not there. I literally looked for it like for 30 mins and finally gave up thinking that someone stole it.Thankfully Aaron saw it get towed away so now i just have to get it back from the CSOs with a 24 dollar fee…so lame…hm Actually that was like the only bad thing that happened i guess, doesnt compare to joojin or james haha. It did rain early on in the week but its sunny now so its ok. Weather here is freaking unpredictable i swear. Yea i really wanna go home this weekend to get my hair cut. After 2 long months its finally long enough to cut YES. No chuno this week unfortunately but i watched orphan which was pretty scary (that movie dissuaded me from ever considering adopting anyone). Anywho i gotta start studying now, Good luck everyone with their midterms



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"Imagine Taeyeon holding your hands while singing this song to you" - David Kang



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Decided to try something NEW

First tumblr post! i think this works something like xanga…its kinda complicated but i guess ill get the hang of it soon. After playing 2 hours straight of bejeweled i decided that i needed to waste my time on something else so here it is, a blog of my day. Yea lately schools going by pretty fast…got 2 midterms next week but for some reason i dont feel compelled to study at all. Today i woke up to the sound of a fire alarm and had to stand outside for around half an hour watching firefighters go in and out of our dorms. Turns out someone on the 4th floor left the microwave at 95 mins….idiot. Anyways yea thats pretty much the most interesting thing that happened to me today. Recently i started watching CHUNO and its freaking good. Its kinda hard to understand the old dialect of korean but it has great action, a great plot, and a great lead female actor : Lee Dae Hae <3 omg shes so pretty like its hard to describe in words. but other than that I CANT WAIT TO GET BACK HOME…man i see like people’s fb statuses like “last night at USC was crazy” or “dam irvine….” and i wish like i was there so i could understand what everyones talking about. I feel left out haha. but yea hopefully i can have a crazy night like that when i go back for presidents weekend. I just realized how much i had to say while typing but i wont rant for any longer. (my roomate is singing some chinese song that i dont understand but it sounds pretty good) so random but whatevs GOOD BYEEE